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Mother's House Publishing Inc.

Mother's House Publishing was founded in Worcester, MA in September of 1986 with the development of an obstetric graphic that soon became a national favorite for hospital maternity wards and in childbirth education classrooms. Subsequently, Mother's House Publishing has entrusted the care, development and outreach of its mission to Our Lady of Guadalupe, the apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary displaying her pregnancy.

On January 1st 2013 Mother's House Publishing became Mother's House Publishing, Inc.

A Catholic Press Apostolate

All Followers of Christ are called to the work of the Church to spread the message that Jesus Christ came to redeem and sanctify the world.

We at Mother's House Publishing are committed to seek holiness in our personal lives and in our conduct of business, to receive the Sacraments freely and frequently, and to bring Catholicism to Catholics and others through every form of media we are capable of producing and to every corner of the world we are called.

Our profound thanks to the great Saint John Paul II for his lifelong initiative in our mission and purpose.

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