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A Message from the Publisher to the Offices of the Bishop

Welcome to Mother's House Publishing! This is the debut website for God Calls You By Name, the only text whose depth, span of knowledge, documentation, and joy has been approved by the USCCB for conformity to the Catechism.

As Catholics, we currently have serious issues before us concerning the consistent and accurate transmission of the richness of the Church's Deposit of Faith. Some deficits have occurred in that transmission due to inadequate catechesis that has taken place throughout several decades following Vatican II.  Mother's House Publishing is committed to healing it with our premier texts for RCIA. It is our sincere desire to equip Inquirers, who become in many cases Catechumens and Candidates, with the strength of the Church's wisdom as codified in our Canon Law, Catechism, and other documents so that their Perseverance in the Faith lasts a lifetime.

Parishes often deal with limited means, oft-changing volunteers, and staff with varying backgrounds in the Faith. God Calls You By Name strives to mitigate these issues by bringing a comprehensive body of knowledge to the Catechist and Director that is fully documented and available for implementation through both by correlating lessons with the Sunday Liturgical Readings and through the familiar educational process of chapter by chapter learning.

The homepage of our website, which supplements our text, is filled with Catechist training support, from the 10 video shorts explaining aspects of RCIA, to The Art of Directing RCIA, a free download book written especially for the first year a person takes on the responsibility of managing or facilitating RCIA. Our gratitude is extended to our bishop, Michael Sheridan, our bishop emeritus, Richard Hanifen, Monsignor Don Dunn, and Deacon Pat Bidon for their generous contribution of time and presence in the video shorts.

Though not requiring every parish to provide the very same RCIA process, God Calls You By Name nevertheless provides a uniformity of quality and content to be utilized as each parish chooses.

Finally, Mother's House Publishing, recognizing that budgets can be a challenge, has established a way for even a parish of very modest means to present the same high quality information in Sessions for the purpose of permitting Participants the opportunity to come to know, understand, internalize, and fully embrace the Catholic Church. See the “Cost Comparison Chart” for more detailed information.

In the 21st Century, information has become the name of the age! Mother's House Publishing wants to make sure that the knowledge transmitted meets the demands of our Information Age while maintaining the Truth of the Church and making it available to every parish in every diocese in America. If you feel that this website will be of service to the parishes in your diocese, please forward the link to each of your DREs: Godcallsyoubyname.org.

Attached to this document is an article written by the author of God Calls You By Name for “The Colorado Catholic Herald”, newspaper for the Diocese of Colorado Springs, and appearing in the September 3, 2010 issue, explaining the urgent need for healing the breech of catechesis before it is too late.  It is printed here with permission.

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