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All For The Glory Of God Ministry


All for the Glory of God Ministry, sacred instrumental music, has been created out of a call to serve the Body of Christ through song. All proceeds from this ministry are given for the education of our diocesan seminarians and parish ministry. (http://futurepriest.com/)

Our prayer is that the Lord may touch your heart through this music and bring you the peace that passes all understanding as you listen so that He might be glorified.


There is quite a variety of ways in which this music is being used. Some use it for background music during their prayer time and find that it helps them pray more deeply. Teachers have used it in their classrooms to create a peaceful atmosphere. Parents have found that it can help settle children and teens both at home and while traveling. Some put children to sleep with it. Many find it helps calm tensions and anxieties while working, studying and driving. It has brought comfort to the sick and even the dying. Some parishes use it as background music during penance services or prelude music for Sunday Mass and funerals. But what is most incredible, is that the Lord has even used this music to bring some back to His Church. How humbling it is when the Lord takes the simple gifts we give Him, and multiplies them for His glory and the growth of His Church.



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